In February 2020, a new subchapter of Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Code took effect relaxing the procedures and time frame and substantially reducing reorganization costs for small businesses. This Subchapter V allows small businesses with liabilities less than $2,725,625 (as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, this debt limit has been increased to $7,500,000 until March 27, 2021) to access a more efficient and cost-effective path to reorganization. The process is designed to allow small businesses to reorganize within approximately 90 days, emerge from bankruptcy, and continue operations outside of bankruptcy. Subchapter V’s provisions relax several of the key requirements in a standard Chapter 11 case that may allow your business the relief it needs in record time at a significantly reduced cost. Some of the highlights of Subchapter V include:

  • Unless the court orders otherwise, there is no creditors’ committee. A Subchapter V trustee is app...

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Meet The Firm

McDonald & Kindelt, LLP is a premier law firm with offices in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our attorneys are highly regarded throughout the mid-continent region, as well as nationally for their exceptional legal skills and steadfast client representation. We are active members of the bar, holding positions of leadership, publishing articles, and speaking at continuing legal education seminars. Above all, we hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical and professional standards. Our attorneys include seasoned trial lawyers with extensive experience in the courtroom; experienced negotiators skilled in conflict resolution; and business advisors who are insightful and creative. Diversity of skills and culture of cooperation strengthen their abilities to solve complex legal problems.

Our attorneys represent clients from diverse corners of the business world in all manner of transactions and disputes and partner with us in an effort to find innovative legal solutions; allowing us to become trusted advisors and aggressive advocates. Regardless of the circumstances, we are committed to providing unsurpassed legal services.

The Philosophy of McDonald & Kindelt, LLP

The philosophy of McDonald & Kindelt, LLP is distinctly different from practice in larger firms. The work is similar because of the clientele and the issues undertaken. The Firm represents large public companies, as well as private companies, sole proprietors, and individuals, in all lines of commerce. We handle substantial business acquisitions, sale transactions, and financing transactions with national banking organizations for our clients. We are second to none in commercial disputes which result in litigation, arbitration, or mediation. We serve as general counsel to clients, advising them on a day-to-day basis as well as on matters which require greater attention. Our Firm has recently represented clients in arguments before the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals, as well as in courts in fifteen states and in arbitrations before a single arbitrator and three-member arbitration panels. The difference is how we practice law, utilizing our broad experience in all commercial areas to represent clients with an emphasis on service. Legal representation is not a commodity, but at its best should be a personal and specialized relationship as a trusted advisor.

We take to heart the advice of one of our great mentors – “What clients want is responsive and effective advice, fairly priced, and timely produced.” All of our attorneys appreciate the opportunity to serve and we are committed to providing the best counsel available.

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